24 hours of painting in and making baby steps

I’m still working on painting my house. I’ve had some road blocks here and there, mostly rain. One minute it’s sunny and perfect for painting. The next minute I have this over my head…


Luckily, since I’ve been working on the entry, I’ve still been able to paint a little while the rain comes down since it’s luckily been raining strait down, or from the west, keeping me dry.


Before pillars. The bottoms were replaced with cedar as they had molded and rotted out.


After pillars!

These have been quite helpful with the heat and humidity

These have been quite helpful with the heat and humidity

This week I plan on finishing the front during my spare time, then finishing up the north and south sides. I also need to figure out if I should paint the garage door the house color or the trim color. I still have to pick out the trim color too. Anyone have any tips on garage door colors? Should I make it blend into the house with the body color, or brighten it with the trim color?

Either way, stay tuned – more to come!


Planters on the road, spiders in my garage

You never truly know how your day is going to turn out, even if the majority of it is like any other. I went to work just like I do every day. I went for a walk before lunch, like I do almost every day. But today was slightly different, and maybe a precursor to the rest of the day. As I walked by one of the homes, I came across a big wooden box. It was tilted, half of it on the road and half on the boulevard, with it’s castors left in the box, one broken. It was lying in a gesture that said, “Free to anyone that wants it”, and it felt like it was speaking directly to me. It wanted a new home. I was pretty excited. My next outdoor project includes creating some raised bed gardens for veggies and herbs. I walked back to the office at a quicker pace than I normally would, and asked a co-worker if he would help me load it into my car. He said he would so we drove over to the house and grabbed it. I felt that someone would snatch it up soon if I didn’t so I had to act quickly. The rest of the day was the same as usual, but I was in a pretty good mood, just for the fact I had a new planter in my car. I ran some errands after work and headed home to work on some more painting before I lost any day light. The forecast for rain had actually decreased so I wanted to get out and work on the entry some more.



Today though, was going to be a bit different…again. I went out to the garage to get my supplies when I saw something I didn’t recognize. I crouched a little closer and then backed up immediately once I realized what it was. I had a tarantula in my garage. I knew they lived here in Texas but had never seen one in person. At first it was scrunched up tight, looking almost like a big, wilted leaf. I took the broom and swept some dog hair out of the way (don’t judge) and he all of a sudden came to life and expanded himself (or herself, I didn’t bother to ask). Please don’t judge the fur. My garage isn’t that terrible but he happened to be in the corner where the dog and cat fur congregates.IMG_4859 IMG_4862 IMG_4866And in case you’re all curious (and if I have any members of PETA on my site), the bugger was not harmed. I got him swept into a bucket and the hubs brought him across the street to a boulevard. I even let a mom and her son know about it when they were taking a walk, and they brought dad back to look at it and take pictures, so it turned into an entertaining, learning experience for the evening for a number of us. 

You just never know how your day will turn out. I definitely did not plan for a tarantula in the garage.

Painting a house….14 hours in

I’ve collectively put in around 14 hours of painting so far into my house. I thought I’d be a bit farther along, but alas, I should be used to this. It always takes longer than you think to finish a project. Especially when that project involves painting an entire house, even if it’s just little ole ours. So far, I’ve gotten the far west side painted, parts of the south side (ran into sun so I had to quit), and some of the north side done. My house isn’t a square since it comes in at one point where the deck is. It’s more like a polygon, so in reality I have six sides to paint. And although I only have around two sides painted, and progress is going slower than I thought it would, I’m still happy with it. I also keep reminding myself that I still have a boat load of trim to do as well. The trim is going to be a creamy off-white (no I haven’t picked it out – took me a flippin’ month to pick out a body color). The body color is called Mined Coal, and I’m using Behr Marquee exterior in Satin.

So here she is in all here partially painted glory. More to come once I finish.

IMG_4497 IMG_4824IMG_4750 IMG_4823I just noticed that you can tell we got quite a bit of rain (hence my paint delay), just by the grass from the before and after pics. Ha!

Monday it is….or maybe Tuesday


More rain today, but Monday is looking good. If we dry out over the weekend (30-40% chance over the weekend), then we paint Monday! If we need more dry time, we paint Tuesday!!

In the meantime, I decided to re-measure the exterior, just to be sure that I was getting the correct square footage, therefore the correct amount of paint. I’d used the blue print we’d been given when we bought the house, but only used it as a rough map. I realized that I had to be cautious of using the measurements as fact, because in certain parts of the house, there’s a limestone facade, so I needed to make sure not to take that into paint consideration. Once I re-measured, I felt much more confident that I had the correct square footage. I did over-estimate in three areas, where our house peaked. I measured the square footage to the peak, just to play it safe.

One question I’m still mulling over in my head, is that if I do two coats, do I double the amount of paint needed? I feel like I use less on a second coat than a first in an interior wall, but I’ve heard differing opinions when it comes to exterior paint. Anyone have any sound advice on this?



Another call to patience

Patience has a way of testing me. I just wrote a previous post about patience and once again, I’m thinking about it today. After getting the house all prepped and ready (and in a pretty ugly state) for paint, we are now waiting out storms for most of the week as a tropical storm comes closer and closer to Texas. We are in a flood watch until Thursday, so it’s looking like Friday may be our lucky paint day, as long as the sun comes out to dry off the house. Either way, thanks for sticking with me. The paint will come! Meanwhile, after the rain passes through, and I’m waiting for the house to dry, I’ll have to spend some time plucking all the snails off the side of the house before I pull out a brush.

This just screams "paint me!"

This just screams “paint me!”


It’s the little accents that make the difference

I did a little planting today. Potting some plants can add some extra oomph to your deck, patio, or living space, and it doesn’t take much to add that oomph. I was able to grab some Agave shoots, called pups, from a big one at a local grocery store – it was planted in the parking lot – you could ask anyone who owns a plant like this if you could take their offshoots. They may not care since you’d be doing the large plant a favor.

I decided some simple clay pots would be best for these guys. I didn’t want too many different colors and shapes going on, which could end up being distracting. To me, simple is best when it comes to pots.

IMG_4751 IMG_4752

After I planted them in their pots, I gave them a little water and added some leftover pebbles I had to give them a finished look.


Then I planted the Bougainvillea. I got the Bougainvillea at a whopping 75% off and I got the pots at half off from Home Depot. I love a good deal.

IMG_4757  IMG_4766

There’s something calming about planting and re-potting plants. These little changes can make a difference to a quiet or drab deck. I encourage you to check out the clearance racks of plants at places like Lowe’s. They’ll have shabby looking plants anywhere from $1-5 and I’ve never had any of them die on me. They just need a nice pot or a place in the ground to spread out. It’s a great way to experiment with plants you maybe wouldn’t buy otherwise.

Either way, have a wonderful weekend. Get out and about and maybe try to do something different this weekend. Summer time is all about exploration and enjoying the weather, the food, the music, or whatever it is that makes you happy.

Any other Tuesday – A Daily Prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”

Tuesday was like any other Tuesday when I first woke up. I hit my alarm three times, per usual. I stretched my arms out, feeling the stretch through my whole body, then slowly sat up. My dog, Bob, stretched with me every morning. He seemed about as willing to get out of bed as I did. My feet hit the cool tiled floor, and I used them to feel for my slippers. Once on my feet, I shuffled to the front door, and walked out to the mailbox. I’d forgotten to check it the last couple of days, knowing I wouldn’t receive anything worth checking. Mail these days, seemed to consist of ads, bills and more ads. No I didn’t need frozen steaks from the Midwest, no I didn’t need refillable ink, and I certainly did not need a collapsible hose.

I looked at the street in front of me. I lived on a quiet road about a half mile from town. I was far enough away, I could still hear the chickadees and blue jays chirp away in the early morning, but close enough that it only took a handful of minutes to get to the store. I loved my little home. It was in need of repairs, but not today. Today was going to be….well, it was going to be Tuesday. I had to eat breakfast and get into the shower before anything else happened. But first, I had to take care of my best friend, Bob. I went back inside and grabbed his food scoop in the pantry, gave him an extra large scoop and dumped it into his bowl. Bob hungrily plowed through breakfast like it was a new, exotic dish he’d never had before.

I grabbed myself a plate and four frozen leftover pancakes I’d made a few days ago, and defrosted them in the microwave. While the cakes were defrosting, I put a pot of coffee on, grabbed the butter and syrup from the fridge, and set them on the table. I went back for my pancakes, which were nice and steamy, and loaded them with butter, making sure each cake got a good slather, and poured the syrup until it flowed down the sides of the pancakes, like a gooey ganache.

Usually I didn’t check my email or look at a phone while I was eating, as I found eating, especially breakfast, to be a holy matter, to be concentrated on with the utmost undivided attention, but today for some reason, I felt the need to check. Before I got to the mail app though, I noticed a text message from my friend and co-worker Jenine. As much as we were friends, we were total opposites. I was an early morning riser, and she was more of the mid-morning type. She usually wouldn’t be up for another two hours. This message had come in at 6am. I quickly tapped the screen.

“Oh my God Marcie, what is going on?? Are we supposed to go in today?”

The message was both frightening and confusing. I had no idea what she was talking about.

“Whtz up?” I texted back.

“Check the news,” was all I received back. I tapped my phone’s news app, and was immediately sucked into the large print and alternating black and red typeface. This was not going to be an ordinary Tuesday after all. The world had just flipped on it’s axis.
I looked at Bob. “Good thing we got a good breakfast in.”